A Fake Workout Makes a Real Point about Fads

Tapping into a fad

In a world where fitness-conscious protein seekers increasingly turn to goops, gels and powders for a fix, Oscar Mayer P3 (short for “Portable Protein Pack”) is an exception.

The brand’s straightforward combinations of meat, cheese and nuts are as simple as it gets. We tapped into the culture of overcomplicated protein and fitness fads to prove it.

We created a fake fitness trend called FRIQ (pronounced “freak”) and, via Craigslist ads, invited people to come try it out. The people who showed up had no idea what they were in for—or that it was being secretly taped. 


TimeMashable and countless other outlets found the ensuing hilarity irresistible. The program was named Media Relations Campaign of the Year by the Bulldog Reporter, and it is currently a finalist for PR Week’s Product Brand Development Campaign of the Year and five Insight & Innovation (In2) SABRE Awards.

GD USA 2015 Winner