A Four Star Solution

Redefining Four-Star Hospitality

When we became their agency of record in late 2013, Delta Hotels and Resorts® told us that they wanted to redefine the four-star, full-service hospitality category. With new properties, new programs and a whole new direction, they were ready to set the bar higher. To help them achieve this goal, we worked with them to create a whole new identity from the ground up, and integrate it across all consumer touch points.

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Redefining the Future

As a result of our work, Delta has successfully repositioned itself as a four-star brand, boasting impressive metrics such as a 9.3% increase in revenue and, most impressively, a 60% increase in guest experience. Total e-commerce revenue has seen a 5.7% increase, and the conversion rate is up a whopping 25%.

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One Brand. One Year.

It's amazing what you can accomplish with the right brand, and the right team. Watch this video and learn more about all the work we did for Delta in 2014.

Canadians took notice, and so did Marriott Hotels. In early 2015, they purchased Delta and are now positioning them as the premium, four-star brand in their global portfolio.