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City of Toronto (COT) offers various municipal services such as household hazardous waste pickup, road repair (potholes) etc. These services can be requested by residents and businesses of Toronto via Web, phone and in City of Toronto offices.



City of Toronto Service Status Notification text messaging program allows the service requesters to subscribe for receiving text messaging notification of service status.

Customers will either subscribe on City of Toronto's web site for updates on particular services such as potholes on street and resolution status, street sign problem and resolution status etc. or they may request a SMS status notification at the time when they submit service requests to report these problems via our call center 311. 


Our Role

City of Toronto relies on ICF Olson for timely delivery of these messages. We were selected and renewed to provide this service to the City due to our in depth understanding of Government needs around data security and privacy, including hosting within Canada, developed as a result of ICF Olson’s extensive legacy of projects with municipal and provincial Government bodies, as well as financial institutions.